Introduction to Management Science (Book & cd)

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Introduction to Management Science (Book & cd)

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Author: Bernard W. Taylor
Product Details
* Student Cd-Room
* Hardcover: 800 pages
* Publisher: Prentice Hall; 9th edition (February 11, 2006)
* Language: English
Content :
The objective of this management science book is to help the reader solve the decision-making problems that confront managers in both the public and private sectors. It demonstrates the use of mathematical models to solve these problems, and provides numerous examples and illustrations to help the reader easily understand the material presented. Its concentration on computer solutions with Excel spreadsheets allows the reader to focus on the newest technological tools. Topics covered in this comprehensive book are linear programming; integer programming; transportation, transshipment, and assignment problems; network flow models; project management; nonlinear programming; probability and statistics; decision analysis; queuing analysis; simulation; forecasting; and inventory management. With its comprehensive appendices and CD-ROM module examples, this book is an excellent reference work for managers that utilize modeling techniques to solve problems and make decisions.

Table of Contents

1. Management Science

* The Management Science Approach to Problem Solving
* Model Building: Break-Even Analysis
* Computer Solution
* Management Science Modeling Techniques
* Business Usage of Management Science

2. Linear Programming: Model Formulation and Graphical Solution

* Model Formulation
* A Maximization Model Example
* Graphical Solutions of Linear Programming Methods
* A Minimization Model Example
* Irregular Types of Linear Programming Problems
* Characteristics of Linear Programming Problems

3. Linear Programming: Computer Solution and Sensitivity Analysis

* Computer Solution
* Sensitivity Analysis

4. Linear Programming: Modeling Examples

* A Product Mix Example
* A Diet Example
* An Investment Example
* A Marketing Example
* A Transportation Example
* A Blend Example
* A Multiperiod Scheduling Example
* A Data Envelopment Analysis Example

5. Integer Programming

* Integer Programming Models
* Integer Programming Graphical Solution
* Computer Solution of Integer Programming Problems with Excel and QM for Windows
* 0-1 Integer Programming Modeling Examples

6. Transportation, Transshipment, and Assignment Problems

* The Transportation Model
* The Transshipment Model
* The Assignment Model
* Computer Solution of the Assignment Problem

7. Network Flow Models

* Network Components
* The Shortest Route Problem
* The Minimal Spanning Tree Problem
* The Maximal Flow Problem

8. Project Management
* The Elements of Project Management
* Project Networks
* Probabilistic Activity Times
* Activity-on-Node Networks and Microsoft Project
* Project Crashing and Time-Cost Trade-Off
* Formulating the CPM/PERT Network as a Linear Programming Model

9. Multicriteria Decision Making

* Goal Programming
* Graphical Interpretation of Goal Programming
* Computer Solution of Goal Programming Problems with QM for Windows and Excel
* The Analytical Hierarchy Process
* Scoring Model

10. Nonlinear Programming

* Nonlinear Profit Analysis
* Constrained Optimization
* Solution of Nonlinear Programming Problems with Excel
* A Nonlinear Programming Model with Multiple Constraints
* Nonlinear Model Examples

11. Probability and Statistics

* Types of Probability
* Fundamentals of Probability
* Statistical Independence and Dependence
* Expected Value
* The Normal Distribution

12. Decision Analysis

* Components of Decision Making
* Decision Making without Probabilities
* Decision Making with Probabilities
* Utility

13. Queuing Analysis

* Elements of Waiting Line Analysis
* The Single-Server Waiting Line System
* Undefined and Constant Service times
* Finite Queue Length
* Finite Calling Population
* The Multiple-Server Waiting Line
* Additional Types of Queuing Systems

14. Simulation

* The Monte Carlo Process
* Computer Simulation with Excel Spreadsheets
* Simulation of a Queuing System
* Continuous Probability Distributions
* Statistical Analysis of Simulation Results
* Crystal Ball
* Verification of the Simulation Model
* Areas of Simulation Application

15. Forecasting

* Forecasting Components
* Time Series Methods
* Forecast Accuracy
* Time Series Forecasting Using Excel
* Time Series Forecasting Using QM for Windows
* Regression Methods

16. Inventory Management

* Elements of Inventory Management
* Inventory Control Systems
* Economic Order Quantity Models
* The Basic EOQ Model
* The EOQ Model with Noninstantaneous Receipt
* The EOQ Model with Shortages
* EOQ Analysis with QM for Windows
* EOQ Analysis with Excel and Excel QM
* Quantity Discounts
* Reorder Point
* Determining Safety Stocks Using Service Levels
* Order Quantity for a Periodic Inventory System

• Appendix A
• Normal Table
• Appendix B
• Setting Up and Editing a Spreadsheet
• Appendix C
• The Poisson and Exponential Distributions
• Solutions to Slected Odd-Numbered Problems
• Glossary
• Index
• Photo Credits

• CD-ROM Modules


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